Adventures in Eorzea – #004


After a weak attempt last week (we gave up after awhile due to connection issues), a serious try on 07 Feb, and then another push this evening? We finally made headway and cleared Turn 4. Most of our issues were mostly fine tuning our strategy, but we cleared without too much issue.

Thanks to Yelta for offering tips on what she does with her Turn 4 group, which helped me see where I can fix things that we weren’t doing and tighten up our kills so that we were made even more efficient than before.

Our strategy is as follows:

Wave 1: AoE burn. I am doing Fire AoEs in favor of burning them down faster than with Blizzard AoE. If I am -very- careful about Flare timing, we can knock things out to the point we’ve shaved off a few seconds and are waiting on Wave 2.

Wave 2:  Two tanks splinter off and take their groups of mobs with them. We always go to the tank that will end up taking the Dreadnaught first so that he is able to get into position more readily before Wave 3 begins. Melee helped DPS down first Soldier alongside me (BLM) in favor of helping with the healers MP management. By the time the two groups are dead, Dreadnaught had dropped and we begin Wave 3.

Wave 3: Dreadnaught is tanked smack in the middle, allowing for him to munch on spiders. Typical BLM combo is used here, making sure to pop Archer buffs in order to take the Dreadnaught down faster and before the start of Wave 4.

Wave 4: Take out two rooks first. DPS spiders. If there are remaining spiders, chill out and wait for Wave 5.

Wave 5: Feed Dreadnaught the spiders and then continue to DPS Soldier. Melee help with this to break Stoneskin, allowing me more time to focus on nuking the Dreadnaught. After Knight is down, melee refocus attention on Dreadnaught.

Wave 6: Positioning is important prior to this phase. Because spiders will want to nom on the healers, it is important that they stand in the middle to avoid being fed to the Dreadnaught. Main tank will hold onto two Dreadnaughts and the off tank will take spiders, Knight, and Soldier. This leaves the Rook which is taken care of by all DPS on hand while the OT is “kiting” in the corner away from the MT. After the Rook is taken care of, down the Dreadnaught ASAP from Wave 5 and then help OT with adds.

Final: After all adds are taken care of, stack on Dreadnaught and get ready for enrage mode. Dreadnaught will get angry and start flinging out curse words left and right, so DPS him down fast and watch him go KABOOM!

We go on break next week since Cinnamon and Neue will be out, but it allows us the chance to work on upgrades here and there for our jobs and hopefully get things pinned down for other things like the Extreme Modes. Definitely looking forward to trying to tackle Turn 5 and hopefully get more practice in the future against Twintania whom we have gone in and decided to meet.


Adventures in Eorzea #003


The last few weeks of January had been quite hellish for me, and I’m quite happy that I’m getting some sense of normalcy back into my life. To others normalcy isn’t really that normal; winged penis talk, a naked Rubicon with a Unicorn horn, and the derpage that comes in our house with furniture being flung this way and that? Yeah. But you know what? I’ll take it over anything else, cause laughter is definitely what I would like to fill my life with at the moment.


Since I had been gone, I have found that Crystal Tower has both gotten better and worse. Better in that there are things in there that run a lot more smoothly depending on the party make up. Worse in that, well, there are still some obvious dickwads that like to make life hell for people. Like… dying in a fight and staying dead so that you can’t be kicked out because you want to go AFK. Things like that made me want to pull my hair out, but I rather like my hair so I think I’ll keep it on my head for now. I do wish there was more to handle such assholes, but I have been told I should be CTing in the middle of the week versus the start when the assholes are plentiful. Just as they are late at night. I definitely feel sorry for the poor souls who try to attempt that piece of content during the “witching hour”…


My coil group in Game Over has now reached Turn 4 after a hiatus due to real life conflicts. It was our first attempt last weekend, and I think we did fairly well when more than half of us had never had experience in this area. We gave up quite easily though, going in favor of getting people relics so that we have more job variation down the line. I think for the most part we are ok when it comes to tanks, BRDs, and maybe even WHM. We do have more DRGs than MNKs, but I believe only a few of us have BLM or SMN leveled to max. And the people who have those leveled are often on other much needed jobs.

I think if we had kept at it, we could have possibly gotten further than we did. We did keep making progressive progress, but it was a matter of trying to burn it a little bit harder each time or something. I do think there are some tweaks that could be made to tighten things up a bit or maybe to later to make things a bit better. Its just a matter of having the rest of us sit down and really hash it out.

Truth be told, the only one who seems hardcore serious is my brother, Renya, who is often calm, quiet, and collected. The rest of us? Well, we aren’t the founding members of Derp Squad for nothing.

Debauchery Tea Party – GameOver’s FC Home


Since January 31, 2014, GameOver has been proud owners of this cute little cottage in Ward 2 of the Lavender Beds. It sort of happened fast. At first we were just talking about it and then one thing led to another and before we knew it… we had a house!

It has been a lot of fun trying to decorate our house these past few days, and I found that its been a lot of fun. A lot more than I had anticipated. Mostly because we have been working together as a team to try and make the house a cozy little place for us. We have put in all sorts of couches, tables, benches, and chairs just to make the place welcoming not just for our lil family, but for our friends and others we know. If you are on the Excalibur server and in the area, swing by! We love having guests!


Rislim and I convinced the guys to allow us to put pink tables and such on the main floor, and that they would get to decorate the basement however they please. If they want canons they can have canons. All the canons in the world. Though I am sure Rislim and I will sneak down below to put in a Drinking Apkallu in each of their corners!

I actually love logging in and out of the house. It was rather satisfying to go into Coil and other dungeons together and then all pop up on our home’s lawn. Then to go inside or welcome someone home is sort of neat. So maybe its a bit dorky and maybe I am liking it more than I thought I would, but I think it helps so much more that it is with people I really love to chill with.


Luzaf (a.k.a. Lulu since he calls me Pinky), also asked to join us. I am quite flattered he asked to join, since I figured someone as classy, mature, and awesome as him would want to be in a bigger more established FC. But he gets along rather well with some of the other members, and that is what matters most to me. The FC is no fuss and laid back with it being more family like than anything else. We just need a Mama to go with our Papa, cause I’m quite sure our shenanigans is quite over the top even for him at times (We love you, Reio!).

AzA and INF are thinking about purchasing land close to ours in the same Ward, and we’re encouraging other people we know from FFXI Ragnarok to do the same. Only because we want to like our neighbors or pull some hijinx with them. Maybe even have a slumber party one night? Who knows! The more people we know in the South East, the better! Now if only they would let us move chimneys so that they aren’t in the opposite side of our fireplace, give us a loft (our roof is too high!), and a tea set to go with our house name!

FC Housing – Brief Thoughts

I really wanted to write a more formal entry in regards to my Free Company’s new home, but I am already in bed at the moment and can’t see myself getting up any time soon. So… Brief thoughts and hopefully I will get to a more formal write up soon!

– Small houses should really be allowed to have a loft area or a third floor. There is really no reason for there not to be there. Yes it will be slightly cramped but they don’t need the same floor space or the same wide stair case as a medium house. Just more areas for living quarters.

– There really aren’t that many choices when it comes to customization and furniture.

– Dyes. For fucks sake (and this goes with what I wrote a moment ago), let me recolor certain things! It seems silly not to!

– People should be given a permit upon buying land. It sucks a ton of bricks to find you spent a lot of money on the land and then you spend a ton more on a permit. Just give me a default shack so I can start somewhere!

– A box. Just saying. The guys will need one for their basement.

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