Back on the Saddle

After a hiatus because people had real life obligations to attend to, losing a member, and trying to get another one on board, we are back in coil and with a 9th of sorts. Jeff’s other character is our new healer and Frei acting as a fill-in when needed. I hope that we can get him clears as we progress, since his current set is on hold. We first need to clear T6, and we’re making steady progress. For our first time working together, we got pretty far and I hope we can get even further in no time flat.

I am currently playing an assortment of games, mostly of the mobile variety: Tsum Tsum, Pixel People, and a few Wii U games (when the system is at home).

Tsum Tsum is a Disney game from Line that Rislim got me hooked onto. The premise is really simple. You connect three or more Tsum Tsums (stuffed animal versions of popular Disney characters), get points and bubbles, and try to chain as many as possible in order to get a high score. There is the ability to turn on the gyroscope with the game, which allows for interesting game play with the Tsums sometimes leaning on one side if you are leaning on one side. My score has never been all that high, but I have one friend getting scores in the millions and my boyfriend getting scores close to that point. Irregardless of my incompetencies of getting that high of a score, I rather like the game since it is fast, simple, and rather cute.

The other game I am playing is Pixel People. It is a pixelated version of Sim City, but with the addition of mixing up genetics to find different types of people to work in your utopia. I spent quite a bit of time making my city and trying to fill the town up, that I had gotten to the point of being a little overly obsessed with it. It could be that I am a little too eager for Sims 4… I saw the game poster at a Game Stop the other day and have been salivating over it since.

But back to XIV…

When I get the time (most likely the weekend, if possible), I will probably try to grind out SCH so I can get SMN available for end game content if needed. I am quite swamped this week with work, and next week I will be getting out patient surgery to take care of some issues and also making some trips out of town. There are also some things I want to do, as ideas have been floating in my head. However, it is something that needs to be discussed with my boyfriend as he is the person whom I hope to work with on this little pet project.

Having Fun with Frontlines

Since I have started to feel a little better as of late, I have been able to play a little bit more than I was able to when the patch had initially dropped. I haven’t had a chance to do much since, as I have been either engrossed in decorating my room, doing PvP, or chatting with friends on Mumble or elsewhere.


Frontlines is content I had been looking forward to since it was first announced, because it was the type of PvP I often prefer and gravitate to when given the opportunity. Wolves Den is alright with friends, but is often stressful and too chaotic for me. Frontlines? Chaotic but fun, and even more fun when you are on teams with friends who go against another group of friends! I am actually looking forward to the addition of Thief and Ninja even more because of Frontlines, because it will allow me to do the type of job I like to do: scouting. I also really like doing sneak attacks on people, which is kind of why I like hiding and scoping things out even as Bard when I am able to. Frontlines also reminds me a lot of XI in terms of landscape (in particular the Sauromugue Champaign) and ability to sneak around to get at mobs/people… which could also backfire on you if you decided to do something stupid/suicidal. Though I think my only complaint is that I sort of wish the spawn/camp areas could be rotated around so that I could actually see the other half of the map for a change.

Personal rooms is the prelude to personal housing that will come in a future patch, and I never thought I would get into it as I did. I had initially envisioned making an office of sorts similar to Shiro’s in Log Horizon, but then ended up picking out a wallpaper that reminded me of Sherlock’s room from the BBC TV series and ended up going all out in placing plants, arrangement of furniture, and even adding more areas than I thought I would. The space is rather large for just a small office space, and I almost didn’t know what to do with myself trying to make the area clean yet look “lived in”.

There are only a very, very small amount of people that I know of who have finished decorating their rooms, and I greatly look forward to seeing what others have done with their personal spaces. Even if it just a stupid chair in the middle of the fucking room.




Other than that, I’ve been slowly making my way through the content. I’ve done all the new dungeons but have yet to do the main storyline, finish Hildebrand and various quests, or even touch Ramuh. The new patch is quite meaty but PvP is often the first thing I want to do when I log on. If they made Frontlines PvP more similar to what they did in Guild Wars 2 in terms of being able to level up from it, I would be in even more trouble because I would be more eager to level up my various classes that way. Thank goodness it isn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging and would instead be in queue right now to level.

Forced Slower Pace

I try hard to hard keep personal things separate from my gaming related stuff (to varying degrees of success), but at the moment the personal is heavily intertwined with my ability to game that I can’t help but mention curious folk to check out my other blog for more information.

I already take the game at a markedly slower pace than most, but at the moment my gaming is taking an even slower turn because of my current ailments. I want to blog though, and I do have some screenshots. They’ll probably come later when I am better able to sit and edit them.

A Strategic Plunge


I hate leveling. I don’t know what it is, but I really despite it unless certain conditions make it tolerable for me: a.) I am doing it with friends b.) Its “easy” (a definition that can vary depending on my mood and mental state) or c.) I am driven to do so for some inane reason.

Now, I have always wanted to level Arcanist but had a very hard time getting myself to do so. One of the bigger reasons why was because it was just utterly boring trying to get to 30. I hate the grind to 30 with a passion. If I had a skip button, I’d press it and abuse the hell out of it. I know the beginning levels are mandatory to get a feel for the job, but sometimes I like going in blind with guns a blazin’. Just ask my boyfriend. I’m often chastised by him for not reading directions and later putting up a fuss because I have no fucking clue what I am supposed to do next!

Yet I became interested partly because my sister had started to play and I was rather enjoying healing her. So much, in fact, I decided to level up my Arcanist with her. Yet my sister’s playtime is very sporadic and I decided that I wanted to play more than I was willing to let on. I decided to do quests that I had left for just the occasion and before I knew it… I had hit 30.



I’m still not sure if I really want to level SCH to 50 or if I should begin to learn the ropes of SMN. I then decided that a certain group of friends probably love me enough to suffer through having me to end game content as a noobish SMN one day, so I should be fine. Healer on the other hand? Would allow me to probably level up more speedily to get to the end cap I so desire for the fun of it. Now I, too, can scream obscenities like, “EOS, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!” or “NO EOS NO! WHY!?! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?”

Though I think the whole leveling thing will probably take a back seat for awhile. Now that 2.3 is dropping, there is a whole lot of new content for me to dig my teeth into and I’m rather looking forward to it all.