Papasan the Confused MNK

[9:09:00 PM] Calaera: MNK is confused

[9:09:19 PM] reiokyu: In xiv, it has always been confused in 1.0. 😛

[9:10:14 PM] Calaera: I’m betting they will still be confused

[9:10:20 PM] Calaera: Be prepared to pull out the drag

[9:10:36 PM] reiokyu: You mean the china dresses they like to put them in?

[9:10:56 PM] Calaera: LOLOL

[9:11:43 PM] reiokyu: Yeah…

[9:12:36 PM] reiokyu: Anything is better than the strippers gear I wore on xi for the better part of 50 levels. 😛

[9:12:52 PM] reiokyu: Sandals, subligar, harness.

[9:17:56 PM] Calaera: papa has to make his money somehow to provide allowance

[9:20:17 PM] reiokyu: …I walked into that one.

[9:20:27 PM] Helen Ko: :9

[9:22:06 PM] Derrick/Orophen: Papa’s got a brand new bag