It’s Not About the Grass

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of negativity. I am tired of people complaining about things just to complain about them, or to say they are sitting back to watch XIV fail or that it will fail. I’m an optimist, or at least I try to be. I would like and do believe ARR will at least do better than its previous reincarnation, but this entry isn’t about that and it’s most definitely not about the grass.

Taking a nod from Katella, I want to focus on the positives. I want to focus on what is good about the XIV community and the game itself versus whatever frothy spew naysayers are spouting off for the day.

So, what is good about the XIV community? Its people. Some of you have an awesome sense of humor, and are quite witty and humorous. There are also many who are helpful and have put their energy into making tools or products that help people have access to or use that information in meaningful ways. The fellows at XIVpads have made an awesome tracking site that displays a player’s stats in an easy to digest manner, and they have a chatroom that I often like to sit through and read or participate in (when they aren’t trying to kill me). Dr. Mog has also produced informative videos on YouTube and has plans to create more to help educate and inform both new and old players. Bloggers such as Katella Avenlea and Danforth Wright have contributed to the community with the power of their thought provoking words and activity on other sites. Even YouTube podcasters have been trying to give their own spin on things such as Voices of the Ascended and Good Morning Eorzea. Others are able to entertain with the power of their artistic flair such as Vergil Renata and Niqote Amrita.

The game itself has undergone drastic changes to fix the problems prevalent in 1.xx. Yoshida steered a sinking ship out of troubled waters and onto less murky waters. Do we still have a journey ahead of us? Sure. Who can ignore that ARR still has to prove itself on and in the months after its release. Several high profile MMO games had strong beginnings, but not all had strong or even stable communities to keep them going without changes to their pricing infrastructure or realization that maybe the game isn’t what they had wanted it to be. But XIV didn’t give up. Many felt and still feel that SE should have given up on it and save face altogether, but we are now find ourselves years after its release and awaiting for A Realm Reborn.

The graphics may be as toned down a little in ARR from 1.xx, but guess what? It now works on more machines than it did before! Even better? There is a PS3 version. Now I can look forward to playing with friends who may not have a powerful machine or the money to buy a machine powerful enough to run XIV fluidly. There is also the fact that Yoshida himself has mentioned that it will be possible to upgrade the graphics in a future patch. Some may argue that they should have done that in the first place, but I would have rather they have a solid gameplay that is fun and entertaining versus grass that looks like it is taken from a photo. If I wanted to do that, I would just go outside and not play a game, right?

Soken is new. He’s new and is proving himself. Even cooler? He’s crazy. Like us. Ok, maybe I am being presumptuous, but when you read a tweet like:


You can’t help but think, “this dude is pretty darn cool.” Not just because he tries to speak with the English-speaking community when English is obviously not his first language, but he’s a dude who eats burgers, likes to have fun, and appears to like some of the same geeky kinds of things some of us Final Fantasy fans love.

We’re getting more customization options, in game features to either enhance or better our experience, PvP for the competitive types, and bits and pieces of news/screenshots to help whet our increasing appetite for phase 3 and 4 of the beta and the eventual release of ARR. It’s not grass, but I certainly think it is a whole lot better than that.

  • Katella Avenlea

    Well stated! I hope its ok, I’m adding a link to your blog on mine. ^^

    • Calaera

      oh! I would be honored! Thank you! I should make a link of pages too. 😉

      • Katella Avenlea

        Yay! You are now listed in my “Gamer Blogs” list ^^