Time and Experience as a Meter to the Wise

Something earlier really bothered me, because it speaks about a lot of the problems that thankfully many people are unaware of. When you start getting you neck deep into bullshit, you end up having to wade through a lot of it before you can find yourself able to breathe. This is especially true about certain aspects of the community.

I spoke with several people (many of whom I consider dear friends), before finally finding the introspection I have been looking for. This friend is amazing. Simply amazing. He is bright, funny, and wise. He told me this:

“Experience should account as milestones and commitment, not as domination and authority.”

Smart words that don’t just have to apply to whatever we were talking about, but life in general as well. I just hope someone understood I am still a crazy toddler despite having done this since 2009. Crazy, right?

  • http://twitter.com/RubiconVale Rubicon Vale

    Wow that’s good. I especially like the “commitment” part of that quote. I had a 5 am text this morning and my immediate reaction was to flip a table. Cooler heads (and experience) prevailed. An experienced person doesn’t quit/self-destruct at the sight of trouble. Experience AKA Wisdom compels one to see it through. Glad you are continuing the fight.