Flabbergasted By Flabbergasting People

I don’t understand people. I wish I did, because I am oftentimes flabbergasted by them. Take Sequence Break for example. I know we have fans and I know we have people who don’t give a rat’s ass. I get that. I don’t even care about the later group because its a waste of energy. So why am I flabbergasted? Because some of these people continue to listen even if they don’t like the show.

I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m flipping insane, but I will tune out or walk away from something if I don’t like it. There are several XIV shows I just didn’t like because they were too dry and boring or were even more off the wall than SBXIV is (shocking, I know). Then there are the people who complain about, “Oh there isn’t x, y, or z.” or “Ugh, this shit has a, m, z, x, and l!” If you have a vision for something or have an idea… then why not put in the work to get it done if you’re going to complain about it? So many people are passive about things and hardly proactive.

I don’t know if people are just being clueless, lazy, or what… but its really not that hard to set up shop if you think you can do a better job and want to put in the effort to do so. The amount of free tools out there is mind boggling, and so are the amount of tutorials and guides to help people get going. Though if the problem is effort, then they need to sit still and shut up. I can’t fault someone for putting effort because they are trying, and that says a whole lot more than the people who sit on their damn asses all day just throwing stones without doing much for themselves or anyone else. But whatever.

I take comfort that soon there will be more shows for people to listen to, because some are coming back and some are being made. Hopefully people find what they are looking for or decide to get off their carcass to make what they desire to hear out of a show.

  • Yelta Sumasu

    I don’t understand either. I have visited many websites and listened to many podcasts and if I don’t like it I just don’t visit/listen again. Well I will generally try a couple of times since we all have our ‘off’ days but if something repeatedly disappoints me I just don’t go back.

    I don’t see the point in even posting a message that I disliked whatever it happened to be. That show/site is what it is and either it is something I like and find entertaining/informational or it isn’t. There is no point in me criticizing it or trying to change it.

    • Calaera

      That’s my train of thought too. They are working hard on content, and I may not like certain things but I won’t tell them to change it. It’s their show and if they change it then its no longer their voice but someone else and I honestly don’t want to see clones of everything else.

  • Helix

    Forget the trolls. You guys are doing a fantastic job. The presentation and format, even the edginess is refreshing. I wouldn’t change a thing, especially for the trolls. The only complaint I have is that I can’t get enough of you guys. Zantetsuken.net is one of my homepages now on my podcast playin netbook.
    Looking forward to the new show as well.

    • Calaera

      Thank you SO much. That really means a lot considering I was thinking *I* was the problem and had to remove myself. I hope people like the new show, because I have really good vibes about it and the people I asked to head it. :) Thank you again!