The Experience of the Old and New

I know a kid. I’ll name him Alex. Alex was born three years after his older brother Nick, and adored his older brother. They did things together, they liked the same things, and Alex really looked up to his brother and wanted to do the same things as he did. Eventually Alex became old enough to show interest in a martial art his older brother had been doing for a few years. Being new, he entered in with the lowest division with other people who were new just like him. Alex enjoyed the martial art so much that he would practice at home with his friends, and even spar together with them when they had time. His older brother Nick, remembering the fun time they used to have doing things together, decided to go up to his brother and ask to join him. Alex is reluctant. After all, his older brother Nick is several belts ahead of him and has the skills and knowledge that Alex has yet to obtain because of his limited experience.

Now, if you change Alex with FFXIV ARR (new) player and Nick with FFXIV Legacy player, some (definitely not all) parts of the aforementioned story can easily be compared with the other. Granted not all new players have played with Legacy players and what have you, but there are some Legacy players who just happen to like, oh, I don’t know… helping? Doing content? Or are in possible need of gear for their other classes/jobs? Maybe they just want to get ready, or maybe they just want to help someone else who they are partnering up with but they need more party members. There is an endless amount of possibilities, and no one knows what someone’s intentions are unless they ask or they have found a way to read minds over the internet. If you have the later ability, please get in contact with me. I need to know your secret.

The thing is, people want to experience this game in a myriad of different ways. I get that. Some want to do the new content only as their Legacy character, some want to do it as a new character, or maybe there are players who have never played XIV and want to give it a chance. It’s sort of like real life. I know, “the scary elephant in the room that a handful of players are desperately escaping is part of a game!?” Crazy as it may seem, it is very rare for us to experience something completely fresh and without previous knowledge and wisdom dictating how to approach something. Infants are curtailed from causing great harm to them by loving parents, toddlers have care providers watching every movement and breath they take, and if you happen to find yourself in some strange and foreign part of the world no one has explored? Well, previous experiences from other expeditions will either help you or kill you.

My point is that if you are making frowning faces at the Legacy players for playing, supporting, or helping a game they happen to love as much as you do? Take a step back. Look at them like the older brother or sister. They can either be a huge PITA or a blessing in disguise. You can play with them or you can just walk away. If you walk away, then find players locally that better suit your tastes. It is beyond ridiculous to ask a feature of the game that is meant to help EVERYONE to ostracize the players that helped make this game grow with their support. Some of them want to help. Some are asses, but new players aren’t exempt from being assholes or even making unreasonable demands upon the party to suit their needs. At this point it is all smoke and mirrors, and if you choose to judge a book by its cover then hey, your choice. I’ll sit here, sip my wine, and judge you for being an ass to some of the most dedicated and helpful players that have helped shaped this community all because of your preconceived notions that have no bearing on the community as a whole.

  • Dario

    I think you have ruined pitas for me D: Curse your acronyms!

    • Calaera

      lol I always thought it was weird too. “why would they say stuff about pitas? I love… oh….” Orz Now I want a pita…

  • Katella Avenlea

    I know I’m late, but this is a great post Calaera!

    • Calaera

      Aw :) Thank you!