A Realm Awoken

It has now been a few days since Patch 2.1 has landed for XIV, and I can’t say I have done a lot. I had changed my hair with the new aesthetician, Jandelaine, who is probably the most fabulous character I have seen in XIV to date.

2013-12-21 02.29.40

I have yet to touch the Hildebrand quest line or go beyond unlocking a few things here and there. I have done a LOT of Crystal Tower, however, primarily because I enjoy it so much! I am actually disappointed there isn’t MORE of it because of how much I enjoyed it. Sure there are times when there are parties in your alliance that make you go, “What the fuck is that person smoking?” or just want to table flip because someone is being a huge troll but overall I would have to say I rather enjoy myself. Granted its a lot more fun in a pre-made party, but I really enjoy the mechanics found in Crystal Tower and am eagerly awaiting more content from that spectrum.

I did, however, manage to do a lot of messing around with Photoshop! I’m a completely nub when it comes to Photoshop, and Orophen has been very patient in helping me out and answering my cries of panic and desperation.


2013-12-21 00.59.54



Oh, I guess since I included the image of Ultima… I did try Ultima HM. Once and that was all, and I have to say that it was damn fun and intense. It felt just as fun as the Ultima fight had been when I wasn’t as geared as I am now, if not more so because it was a lot more chaotic and intense. I look forward to trying to clear that and Garuda HM sometime during the break. If I’m not busy with a million other things that is.