Adventures in Eorzea #002


Last week was a whirlwind, and I’m sure this week and next will be yet another whirlwind. Despite that, there were many good things that were crammed into a few days: Coil, Garuda EX, Ultima Hard, and 24 man CT with many Derp Squad members, friends, and others from the server. But before I begin, many thanks to Rislim for the Highland Smock she gifted to me! I will probably litter many of my future screenshots with this outfit because of how damn cute it is! Hurry up with the vanity slot, SE!


Now if there is one thing I am extremely excited about, its Coil. Not just because its Coil and, oh, hey! Its end game content! But the fact I get to do it with an awesome bunch of people. I wish I could play with more people, but I’ve already played with half of this group since CoP in XI, a few others in both XIV and XI, and then there is Bob who is just plain ol’ awesome. We had many, many laughs during our run which is what I wanted most; smooth, easy going runs, lots of fun, and drops! I managed to snag the Allagan Circlet of Casting, which I am still trying to figure out if I like more than Petasos or not. I am still using Petasos though, after I took a quick look at the stats and went “Nupe!”

We’ve decided to use the Rot Method for Turn 2, which isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was actually very easy as long as we kept in constant communication with each other. Which, I suppose, is quite difficult if you aren’t on a voice chat with everyone else…



After Coil and a bit of treasure map hunting, Rislim, Neue, and I went and teamed up with Jeffrly and some of his friends for Ultima HM and Garuda EX. Doing these fights were challenging on its own, but even worse when your mind is melting and you are going “omg wtf is that shit!” when you are half lucid. In fact, I could have sworn it was all an insane dream when I woke up but then saw the screenshots and the equipment in my inventory and found myself staring in shock. I just hope I wasn’t carried too hard and did a decent amount of work…


Since we are using the Rot Method for T2 on Coil, I have found the need to work harder at gearing my BRD. In a three man BRD party for CT, I found myself incredibly lucky to get the body piece on a Sunday night! Eep! I just need belt, pants, and shoes and I think I should have all the CT gear needed for my BRD. I’m still gearing up my BLM with Myth gear, so it will be awhile before I will be able to get any decent gear for my BRD that way. Oh well. I’m in no particular rush, but I do want to be able to carry my weight in the party instead of being a leech. I know I’m not (Cause, you know, Silence!), but I believe I am probably on the lower ilevel scale compared to the rest and it makes me feel a little self conscious. (/ w \)


Now I want something set straight: I hate the damn uma kabuto. They are scary as fucking hell and I hate them. That said, I took the screenshot for Oro more than for me but did go back and edit this one for lulz:

2014-01-13 23.02.03

>_<; Damn dirty Oro…

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