Adventures in Eorzea – #004


After a weak attempt last week (we gave up after awhile due to connection issues), a serious try on 07 Feb, and then another push this evening? We finally made headway and cleared Turn 4. Most of our issues were mostly fine tuning our strategy, but we cleared without too much issue.

Thanks to Yelta for offering tips on what she does with her Turn 4 group, which helped me see where I can fix things that we weren’t doing and tighten up our kills so that we were made even more efficient than before.

Our strategy is as follows:

Wave 1: AoE burn. I am doing Fire AoEs in favor of burning them down faster than with Blizzard AoE. If I am -very- careful about Flare timing, we can knock things out to the point we’ve shaved off a few seconds and are waiting on Wave 2.

Wave 2:  Two tanks splinter off and take their groups of mobs with them. We always go to the tank that will end up taking the Dreadnaught first so that he is able to get into position more readily before Wave 3 begins. Melee helped DPS down first Soldier alongside me (BLM) in favor of helping with the healers MP management. By the time the two groups are dead, Dreadnaught had dropped and we begin Wave 3.

Wave 3: Dreadnaught is tanked smack in the middle, allowing for him to munch on spiders. Typical BLM combo is used here, making sure to pop Archer buffs in order to take the Dreadnaught down faster and before the start of Wave 4.

Wave 4: Take out two rooks first. DPS spiders. If there are remaining spiders, chill out and wait for Wave 5.

Wave 5: Feed Dreadnaught the spiders and then continue to DPS Soldier. Melee help with this to break Stoneskin, allowing me more time to focus on nuking the Dreadnaught. After Knight is down, melee refocus attention on Dreadnaught.

Wave 6: Positioning is important prior to this phase. Because spiders will want to nom on the healers, it is important that they stand in the middle to avoid being fed to the Dreadnaught. Main tank will hold onto two Dreadnaughts and the off tank will take spiders, Knight, and Soldier. This leaves the Rook which is taken care of by all DPS on hand while the OT is “kiting” in the corner away from the MT. After the Rook is taken care of, down the Dreadnaught ASAP from Wave 5 and then help OT with adds.

Final: After all adds are taken care of, stack on Dreadnaught and get ready for enrage mode. Dreadnaught will get angry and start flinging out curse words left and right, so DPS him down fast and watch him go KABOOM!

We go on break next week since Cinnamon and Neue will be out, but it allows us the chance to work on upgrades here and there for our jobs and hopefully get things pinned down for other things like the Extreme Modes. Definitely looking forward to trying to tackle Turn 5 and hopefully get more practice in the future against Twintania whom we have gone in and decided to meet.