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    I always go into things with the mentality that I’m never the best and there’s always something I can improve on. This is also not something that I or anyone can expect out of everyone else. I don’t expect anyone to really sit down, do Titan HM on a variety of different classes and use him as a way to benchmark how well you’re doing. I also don’t expect everyone to really understand what the heck I’m talking about when it comes to ability queuing/input buffering, on-GCD/off-GCD and all that technical bloo-blah.

    This is what happens when you’re playing a game that is connected with a variety of different people who have their own standards. You mix the “leet stupid” with the “bad stupid” and you end up with a stupid cluster fuck, a very loud stupid cluster fuck. This is why you start seeing stuff in PF where you have high ilvl requirements and party descriptions that are both unwelcoming and grammatically incorrect. Unfortunately, the people in-between this whole mess are not as loud and they simply see all of that as hostile and become straight up intimidated.

    There are people who are just straight up mad at everything. People who feel that their time is much more precious than yours, even though they’ll probably waste it fapping off to some bad German porn. Not much can be done for those people, other than seeing that their impatience mostly leads into a life of misery and woe. Then you have people who just can’t respect. Now, I don’t mean disrespecting intentionally, but rather not understanding why we do the things we do. This goes for the people who assumes that anyone at end game has no life, this goes for the people who assumes that everything is easy enough to get carried through, this goes for the people who has never opened up a Final Fantasy XIV related site of any sort to do any bit of research. And well… unfortunately, not much can be done for those people either.

    MMOs have always been a practice in how much you can take before you get so frustrated that you quit. Either with the community or the game design, it’s a test of your patience and how much you can cope with it. Sometimes people need to realize just how they’re coping with it, especially when it involves hurting others directly or indirectly.

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