A long while, with little to show

With the Spring Quarter behind me, and my playtime maximized (to an extent) due to the lighter amount of obligations? expectations? course work? Well, whatever you want to call it, I have a bit more free time on my hands and I hope to spend the time updating one of my plethora of blogs.

With the patches having come and gone, I sometimes find myself sitting and wondering more and more about XIV. Is it all that it is cracked up to be? Is the game really for casual play? Or is it a confused mess that is looking at its older brother to try and make an identity for itself? Regardless of what I think, I am still playing the game and making small strides somewhere despite my limited playtime.

For awhile I had pranced about as a Miqo’te, which is something I had longed to do whenever I see Miqo’te images on twitter with their long legs, pretty faces, and their large and expressive eyes. The fact that they look cooler in gear was another thing, but that is besides the point. Despite the change, I was also eagerly awaiting to change back to a Lalafell. I miss how cute and adorable I was, and whenever I saw a pair of Lalafell running about I couldn’t help but think, “I used to be one of you. Small, tiny, and full of trouble. Now I’m tall, lanky, and a slut… woe is me….” and then I would sigh bitterly before realizing that my taller self had its advantages. Seeing yourself in higher camera angles while in T5 and Leviathan? Dear goodness! A heaven sent gift! I could actually SEE myself and not go, “Fuck! WHERE THE FUCK… OH FUCKING HELL! THERE I A-FUCK! MOVE! CONFLAG!”

… Yeah…

I briefly changed to a Male Roegadyn (like… a hour? Two? Maybe three?) when the Fantasias went on sale. It was part of a plot that most members of my Free Company were aware of. At first my plan was to create another character, name him the KoolAide Man, have him invited into Frei’s free company, chase after him, and hump his butt. It didn’t quite work out the way I wanted to, however, mostly because it is damn near impossible to make a character on Excalibur. So, I went for the next best thing. I changed into one, and lay in wait. Except… everyone came to stare at me and Frei was hardly phased. Orophen, on the other hand, freaked the fuck out.

I ended up chasing him, humping his butt, and giggling in glee when he appeared to be in distress. I claimed his ass in ways he probably doesn’t want to remember, poor dear. I do plan to make him as a real character in the future. If or when I am able to make a new character on Excal. Who knows? Maybe I will level him up as a WHM…

At the moment, however, I am focusing a lot on things. I crafted, worked a little on Myth tomes, and Leviathan. I would have had my second book by now, if it weren’t for the fact my back decided to act like a bitch today and make me tired as hell. The Vita would have been a good substitute if it weren’t, well, a Vita. It seems to have a poor connection in the house to my sister’s PS4, and I am not about to attempt running a dungeon or a primal fight on such an unstable device. Though from the tweets I have been reading, I feel as though I had saved myself the hassle of getting 90ked by spending the day resting instead. Funny how that worked out, eh?