Personal Housing? Or Personal Disappointment?

When I first started to get into MMOs, I had always wanted to own a house. I remember once looking for an MMO that would allow me to do this but my PC then couldn’t handle it and there was also the fact that my boyfriend didn’t seem very interested in playing that particular game with me.

Fast forward to Final Fantasy XIV, and I can honestly say that it is one of the features I had been looking forward to the most. It would be something I could get, decorate, and basically live out my fantasy of a MMO Sims game but in a Final Fantasy setting (thus making it a billion times better than a MMO Sims game).

Free Company housing was announced to come first, and while it was a move I didn’t quite understand it gave me the chance to work on saving money so that I could buy a personal house later down the line. Of course there were worries that the astronomical prices of the Excalibur FC houses would be passed down onto the personal houses, but Yoshida assured us that cheaper alternatives would arise for those interested in a personal house.

Those assurances seem to be something of the past, however, as our previous concerns have resurfaced and have been made reality. Worse yet is the fact that we are sharing housing districts with Free Companies. So a house that a smallish Free Company had been saving up for with their members now not only have to compete with other Free Companies for a chance at land acquisition, but now they must compete with wealthy individuals who may be interested in either buying the land for themselves or playing the real estate game in our fantasy world.

At first I was shocked, then mad, and now disappointed after reading the patch notes regarding personal housing. I know its silly to get this excited over a silly in game feature, but after wanting something like this for years (before XIV even existed)? I can’t help but feel sullen over the fact I can’t afford it and that even if I could? I would be taking aways precious land space from a FC who had been wanting to own their own FC house. Which is something really big even for a small FC.

My FC house is where we gather to craft, mill about, go AFK, etc. I didn’t care about it at first, but its a place that I really like and I know how nice it feels to have a place your FC can call home. Even though its just vanity, it still feels nice since its your space that you can even block out non members from entering.

Honestly, I am hoping to go to bed and waking up to find that maybe it was a typo or something else is going on. I just know that the lack of transparency that this change was going to happen (from what was said previously) is just really foul smelling. :\