The new XIV Commercial

I have only seen an iPhone capture of the recent XIV: ARR commercial, and I’m kinda… confused. If I were a new player, I wouldn’t get it. I would wonder if maybe it was cosplay magic or something, but an actual game? With a story? And lore? And all sorts of cool stuff? I just wouldn’t get that by watching that live action/CG clip.

I think for a hardcore XIV fan, they would get the reference and maybe appreciate it. I say maybe because while I was happy to see Louisoix, I just didn’t feel the same kind of excitement I felt when watching End of an Era. It didn’t do anything for me but make me giggle and then wonder what on earth was going on. Granted, I am not an art director, nor am I someone awesome and have skills to back it up. So I wouldn’t know how to make it better and maybe I don’t know what I am talking about. I just know that if I were to show this to my sister, who hasn’t played XIV at all, she would probably look at it and go, “wha?” versus “hmm, I think I might want to play this game!” Which I think is a shame, because after hearing of my sister’s recent experiences in GW2, I really want her to play XIV and to be around other players who would be willing to do a dungeon a second time for ONE person if crap happened.

Wishful thinking? Sure. But I was hoping that the new commercial could at least help illustrate why the game is cool in the eyes of my younger sister (she is used to just tuning me out otherwise). Watching players morph into another character just doesn’t quite do it…

The Experience of the Old and New

I know a kid. I’ll name him Alex. Alex was born three years after his older brother Nick, and adored his older brother. They did things together, they liked the same things, and Alex really looked up to his brother and wanted to do the same things as he did. Eventually Alex became old enough to show interest in a martial art his older brother had been doing for a few years. Being new, he entered in with the lowest division with other people who were new just like him. Alex enjoyed the martial art so much that he would practice at home with his friends, and even spar together with them when they had time. His older brother Nick, remembering the fun time they used to have doing things together, decided to go up to his brother and ask to join him. Alex is reluctant. After all, his older brother Nick is several belts ahead of him and has the skills and knowledge that Alex has yet to obtain because of his limited experience.

Now, if you change Alex with FFXIV ARR (new) player and Nick with FFXIV Legacy player, some (definitely not all) parts of the aforementioned story can easily be compared with the other. Granted not all new players have played with Legacy players and what have you, but there are some Legacy players who just happen to like, oh, I don’t know… helping? Doing content? Or are in possible need of gear for their other classes/jobs? Maybe they just want to get ready, or maybe they just want to help someone else who they are partnering up with but they need more party members. There is an endless amount of possibilities, and no one knows what someone’s intentions are unless they ask or they have found a way to read minds over the internet. If you have the later ability, please get in contact with me. I need to know your secret.

The thing is, people want to experience this game in a myriad of different ways. I get that. Some want to do the new content only as their Legacy character, some want to do it as a new character, or maybe there are players who have never played XIV and want to give it a chance. It’s sort of like real life. I know, “the scary elephant in the room that a handful of players are desperately escaping is part of a game!?” Crazy as it may seem, it is very rare for us to experience something completely fresh and without previous knowledge and wisdom dictating how to approach something. Infants are curtailed from causing great harm to them by loving parents, toddlers have care providers watching every movement and breath they take, and if you happen to find yourself in some strange and foreign part of the world no one has explored? Well, previous experiences from other expeditions will either help you or kill you.

My point is that if you are making frowning faces at the Legacy players for playing, supporting, or helping a game they happen to love as much as you do? Take a step back. Look at them like the older brother or sister. They can either be a huge PITA or a blessing in disguise. You can play with them or you can just walk away. If you walk away, then find players locally that better suit your tastes. It is beyond ridiculous to ask a feature of the game that is meant to help EVERYONE to ostracize the players that helped make this game grow with their support. Some of them want to help. Some are asses, but new players aren’t exempt from being assholes or even making unreasonable demands upon the party to suit their needs. At this point it is all smoke and mirrors, and if you choose to judge a book by its cover then hey, your choice. I’ll sit here, sip my wine, and judge you for being an ass to some of the most dedicated and helpful players that have helped shaped this community all because of your preconceived notions that have no bearing on the community as a whole.

Scholar in A Realm Reborn

If you have been circling around the FFXIV communities as of late, a lot of buzz has been generated over a particular image that may or may not feature the addition of a second job: Scholar (a.k.a. SCH). There has been good arguments supporting the plausibility of SCH and some speculating that it is merely AF for the classes themselves.

Now, I wouldn’t be too surprised if SE has decided to hold another card up their sleeve. It would be a great surprise to many of us who have been sitting on our hands waiting for Phase 3, the chance to dabble in the new content, and the opportunity to try out the Arcanist class and Summoner job after release. By having another class and job alongside Arcanist and Summoner, SE would have added another set to increase their class/job combination from a total of sixteen (this is including Arcanist and Summoner to the existing fourteen) to eighteen classes and jobs based on the Disciples of War and Magic alone.

With this new set of classes and jobs, the Disciple of Magic class would now considered to be almost even with the amount of Disciple of War classes/jobs currently available in the game. SCH would also change the way we currently look at PvP right from the start, depending on which iteration of SCH they use or how they decide to handle XIV’s version of SCH. In the Final Fantasy lore, SCH typically has access to both white and black magic but are more commonly known for their ability to analyze and assess their enemy’s weakness with sensory magic. They would also be able to use abilities that would allow them greater potency from items, further enhancing the usability of such items. With this information at hand, groups would be able to identify elemental strengths or weaknesses of a particular opponent or become a secondary support alongside CNJ and WHM.

The skeptical side of me, however, reasons that this may not be the secondary class/job we are hoping for. One of the reasons why I believe this to be so is because Yoshida has insisted upon the game having a low barrier of entry for new MMO players. This is easy to understand when you consider there will be an influx of new players from the PS3 version. The amount of MMOs available on any console is minuscule compared to what is available on the PC market; there is a chance that players trying out Final Fantasy XIV may have never dabbled in Final Fantasy XI, DCUO, or any other MMO title that is available for the console. Having eighteen classes/jobs for just Disciple of Magic and War is daunting enough, but trying to understand the difference between the two, the necessity for each in particular situations, and then tossing Disciple of Land and Hand into the mix? I can imagine that some will find that sort of information to be quite daunting and intimidating; especially if they are wandering through Eorzea for the first time and are trying to make heads or tails of this game.

Another problem I foresee is if we are looking at a 1:1 ratio of classes and jobs, then eventually we will become overburdened by an overwhelming amount of classes and jobs if additions such as Musketeer, Ninja and Samurai are within our distant future. Some have suggested a 1:2 system with classes offering a branched job system. Arcanist, for example, could offer the ability for you to choose between Summoner or Scholar. It would allow more jobs into the mix such as Dark Knight, Musketeer, and more, but then we get back to the same previously mentioned problem with newcomers who are already baffled by the difference of classes and jobs on its own.

Rubicon and I discussed the issues briefly last night, and we agreed that the addition of another job such as SCH would be better suited for an expansion. Veteran players still have a lot of content to wade through with the inclusion of PvP, new quests, areas, raids, FATEs, and ARC and SMN. New players? They will get all of that and more since they will be experiencing XIV: ARR with a fresh set of eyes. What they have at the moment should be more than enough to satiate them until the arrival of a new expansion, and would help them after they have had the chance to dabble in Eorzea for awhile.

Either way, I plan to welcome SCH with open arms. Yoshida has mentioned he wishes to include more roles for the Disciples of Magic to dabble in. Scholar fits that bill and will be a welcome addition if it is released at launch or later in the form of an expansion.

It’s Not About the Grass

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of negativity. I am tired of people complaining about things just to complain about them, or to say they are sitting back to watch XIV fail or that it will fail. I’m an optimist, or at least I try to be. I would like and do believe ARR will at least do better than its previous reincarnation, but this entry isn’t about that and it’s most definitely not about the grass.

Taking a nod from Katella, I want to focus on the positives. I want to focus on what is good about the XIV community and the game itself versus whatever frothy spew naysayers are spouting off for the day.

So, what is good about the XIV community? Its people. Some of you have an awesome sense of humor, and are quite witty and humorous. There are also many who are helpful and have put their energy into making tools or products that help people have access to or use that information in meaningful ways. The fellows at XIVpads have made an awesome tracking site that displays a player’s stats in an easy to digest manner, and they have a chatroom that I often like to sit through and read or participate in (when they aren’t trying to kill me). Dr. Mog has also produced informative videos on YouTube and has plans to create more to help educate and inform both new and old players. Bloggers such as Katella Avenlea and Danforth Wright have contributed to the community with the power of their thought provoking words and activity on other sites. Even YouTube podcasters have been trying to give their own spin on things such as Voices of the Ascended and Good Morning Eorzea. Others are able to entertain with the power of their artistic flair such as Vergil Renata and Niqote Amrita.

The game itself has undergone drastic changes to fix the problems prevalent in 1.xx. Yoshida steered a sinking ship out of troubled waters and onto less murky waters. Do we still have a journey ahead of us? Sure. Who can ignore that ARR still has to prove itself on and in the months after its release. Several high profile MMO games had strong beginnings, but not all had strong or even stable communities to keep them going without changes to their pricing infrastructure or realization that maybe the game isn’t what they had wanted it to be. But XIV didn’t give up. Many felt and still feel that SE should have given up on it and save face altogether, but we are now find ourselves years after its release and awaiting for A Realm Reborn.

The graphics may be as toned down a little in ARR from 1.xx, but guess what? It now works on more machines than it did before! Even better? There is a PS3 version. Now I can look forward to playing with friends who may not have a powerful machine or the money to buy a machine powerful enough to run XIV fluidly. There is also the fact that Yoshida himself has mentioned that it will be possible to upgrade the graphics in a future patch. Some may argue that they should have done that in the first place, but I would have rather they have a solid gameplay that is fun and entertaining versus grass that looks like it is taken from a photo. If I wanted to do that, I would just go outside and not play a game, right?

Soken is new. He’s new and is proving himself. Even cooler? He’s crazy. Like us. Ok, maybe I am being presumptuous, but when you read a tweet like:


You can’t help but think, “this dude is pretty darn cool.” Not just because he tries to speak with the English-speaking community when English is obviously not his first language, but he’s a dude who eats burgers, likes to have fun, and appears to like some of the same geeky kinds of things some of us Final Fantasy fans love.

We’re getting more customization options, in game features to either enhance or better our experience, PvP for the competitive types, and bits and pieces of news/screenshots to help whet our increasing appetite for phase 3 and 4 of the beta and the eventual release of ARR. It’s not grass, but I certainly think it is a whole lot better than that.

Making A Voice Heard In XIV

The other day, I stumbled upon a reddit thread that gave me pause. It was on whether or not the XIV community was one of the worst of the MMO communities out there. The person’s reason was mostly due to the official forum, which our podcast (Sequence Break XIV) has constantly bemoaned due to the few vocal members that have taken up a role that may not always be sane, kind, nor the voice of the majority.

Some have mentioned that most official forums are often a cesspool of the more vocal minority versus the majority, some the defensiveness due to the failed launch of the 1.0 client, and a smattering of other reasons that make sense to me. I also I know it gets annoying to answer the same question that could be answered by using google or reading either the official XIV site or any fan site out there. As someone who is fairly busy, even I am flustered when I am asked a question that could be answered if someone put forward the effort to search for it on their own.

Trust me. I KNOW.

Just because I know and am able to relate to the grouchiness of the community, however, doesn’t mean that its ok. Now is not the time to be snarling at the new and returning players showing interest in XIV. It is easy to be snarky, sarcastic, and crude, but it sends the wrong message about our community that isn’t true when you look past the rocky surface.

I know there are many helpful, interesting, and wonderful people in the community. I know this because I have talked, laughed, and played with some of you. I see what people have done for the community, both small and large. But what if you are a regular person? What if you aren’t someone who has a way of making yourself heard over the cacophony of b.s.? Here is what has helped me take note of some of the people in the community:

1. Be active. But don’t just post meaningless drivel. Quantity is easy. Quality is what is harder, but helps a person stand out even further in the sea of noisy naysayers.

2. Make yourself known. I’ve started to follow certain people because I see their name everywhere! Not only do I see them in the other places I have frequented, but they make thoughtful comments that draw me to take in what they are saying and digest it thoughtfully. They either tweet, blog, podcast, guest, or just comment in other places with the same name. People remember. Give them a reason to remember you, too!

3. Be mindful of your actions. I’ve seen and distanced myself from fairly insane people in the community because of their actions inside and out of the XIV community. Another member of the Zantetsuken team (Hey, Kumo!), also made me aware of this myself when I realized what I was doing was probably as bad as the person I was talking about. I’m not a saint, and I know I have work to do but I would like to think I am at least trying to help better myself not just for myself but for others as well.

4. Ask to participate! Find ways to help! Over a month ago, we asked for help with our site. The response was both surprising and refreshing. I also know for a fact that there are some other sites out there that need help: either monetary, with their wiki, or what have you. Help them. They really do appreciate the help when its given, as Orophen and I have found ourselves continually blessed to be given the opportunity to not just get help but make friends with really awesome people who like XIV.

I am a no one of course. I am surprised if someone knows me, because I don’t expect to be known. I’m just a gal that likes XIV, and just wants to have fun with her interest. I am also terribly shy, but love talking to people about the things I love (and maybe hate). It makes me feel connected to people, when I am normally in such a disconnected state from everyone else. It is why I do what I do, with the passion that I do it with; I get to talk to the people I love and have a whole lot of fun while doing it. In the end, that is what matters most: passion. Have the passion, and people will be able to tell whether you write, draw, talk, or bat your pretty eyes at the lens.

Hey, look, its a creepy stalker dude!

The Final Fantasy XIV Official Forums can sometimes be an interesting place. When I say interesting, I mean that it can either be headache inducing or heartily enduring. One thread was meant to be the later, but ended up becoming the former, insulting a slew of people in a manner that nearly made me facepalm. Thankfully I was working on my final project and too busy to even think about wanting to break my keyboard with my ginormous head. FusionX, fellow podcaster over at Aetheryte Radio, wrote a bit about it on his Tumblr, and anyone interested can read the original thread in all of its glory right here.

For those who just want the summary:

A poster on the forum decided to wish Rukkirii (aka Bethany Stout) farewell and good luck since she will be resigning from her post as part of the Community Team for Final Fantasy XI and XIV to move to Seattle, WA. The forums then broke down to two primary camps:

a.) This group also wanted to wish her good luck, farewell, and a “we will miss you”.

b.) A handful in this group felt disturbed that people were “stalking” her and pulling information off of her “personal” accounts.

First, let’s take a look at the word stalk:


verb (used without object)

1. to pursue or approach prey, quarry, etc., stealthily.

2. to walk with measured, stiff, or haughty strides: He was so angry he stalked away without saying goodbye.

3. to proceed in a steady, deliberate, or sinister manner: Famine stalked through the nation.

4. Obsolete. to walk or go stealthily along.

verb (used with object)

5. to pursue (game, a person, etc.) stealthily.

6. to proceed through (an area) in search of prey or quarry: to stalk the woods for game.

7. to proceed or spread through in a steady or sinister manner: Disease stalked the land.


8. an act or course of stalking quarry, prey, or the like: We shot the mountain goat after a five-hour stalk.

9. a slow, stiff stride or gait.


1250–1300; Middle English stalken (v.), representing the base of Old English bestealcian to move stealthily, stealcung stalking (gerund); akin to steal

If the original poster is the type of person that “stalks”, then he is doing a rather poor job of it. Stealthily implies that the person is doing so with great care, so as not to arise detection or awareness of their actions. I think it would be pretty damn silly to “stalk” someone and post up all of their information where they can: a.) see it, b.) hunt you down because of it (let’s not forget she may still be employed as an SE Community Rep), and c.) have you easily taken care of due to the public nature of the forums itself and the upper hand she has due to her position.

The forums are not only trying to shame the people wishing Rukkirii/Bethany good luck and farewell, but have also managed to insult the intelligence and integrity of Rukkirii as well. As someone who has been stalked and is aware of how easily I can be stalked, the last thing I would do is make it easier by telling hundreds of unknown strangers what my real name is. I also would not tell people about my Facebook page and let them know to follow it if they were interested or have a public Twitter account that literally anyone can follow or read. I also wouldn’t take up a position that puts me at the forefront of being under public scrutiny because, let’s face it, the community team at SE plays a HUGE role of disseminating and delivering information to us from HQ. We aren’t talking to just some random schmuck off of the street here; we are talking to a small handful of real people, with real names some of them have chosen to publish, and with real lives that some of them willingly share.

I follow the community team on twitter because I happen to like them. I don’t know them personally, but their hard work and steadfast dedication to the communities of Final Fantasy XI and XIV is admirable. They have helped shaped our public view of SE’s MMO franchises with the forums and their ongoing online interactions with the community. I may be biased because of my clear love for Final Fantasy XI and XIV, but their presence reminds me of the human element that I remember missing from my earlier experiences in other MMOs. These aren’t just people working for SE; they are real people with real lives and emotions. Imagine that!

Some of the community team members are more private than others. That’s ok. Some are more public than others, and that is ok too. I feel it is awful that people look down on others that happen to like someone because she is a girl and they find her interesting. Well, hello, I’m a girl and I think Rukkirii is interesting, too. Am I weird? Wait, don’t answer that. The point is that there is no reason to demonize people who are just wishing someone good luck on their future endeavors. They aren’t stalking her, being creepy, or weird. If they were, I’m pretty sure her Twitter and Facebook accounts would be closed, deleted, or made private by now. Some may be stalking her, and I don’t doubt that. But what harm is there in saying good bye and good luck? I think that is a better question to answer versus why people are happening to follow public social networking accounts of a public figure in an online community.

Three Reasons

A few minutes ago Orophen mentioned that we had received a new e-mail. Here are my two worries when we receive an e-mail: is it good or is it bad? Thankfully, it was neither! Instead it was a simple question; What are the top 3 reasons to jump into FFXIV: ARR?

However, the question suddenly becomes trickier when you are told:

1.) The person has played a number of MMO games and has recently retired from WoW

2.) They have played all the single player FF games, but not any of the MMO versions

I can think of reasons why someone who fits into those categories might not find FF enjoyable, but rarely have I tried to think of why they would want to get their feet wet with this game. There is also the problem with the fact that the game has not yet been released. Most of my information and reasoning will be based upon with what I think might still be the same from 1.0 going into 2.0 and what I do know from official sources of information.

1.) You will have multiple options of content and leveling. Final Fantasy XI and version 1.0 of XIV did not have PvP in the same sense that WoW, GW, and other games have PvP. This will be different in ARR, but to what extent? I don’t know. We know there will be quest hubs like there are in many MMOs, but there will also still be the ability to use the leve quest system, grind in dungeons,  and FATE (XIV’s response to Guild Wars 2’s events) for leveling purposes. Currently known end game content will extend to primal battles, Crystal Tower, and raids. You will also have the chance to create your own “guild” which in XIV’s terms is a Free Company. A Free Company allows you to focus on getting a house and (if they keep the ideas from 1.0 during Tanaka’s reign) maybe build a ferry or an airship.

I see this more akin to being able to do be in control of your own character in a beloved FF game, and with the type of quality we hope to expect from a FF game. You are now your own version of a main FF character with your own ragtag group members, fighting Primals/Eidolons/Summons, getting fame, creating an airship, and more! Which will bring me to point #2.

2.) Version 1.0 bombed hard. Wada said that the game “greatly damaged the FF brand”. Those are very harsh words from the CEO himself! So why bring this up? Because Yoshida and Wada are committed to helping make FFXIV a good game. Not just for the sake of profit, but for redemption. Will Yoshida exceed? It is too early to tell, to be honest. We don’t know what beta looks like, we can’t talk about what we saw in Alpha, and there just isn’t enough out there to say wtf ARR is going to look like.

HOWEVER, as a player who played through 1.0’s Beta, played from release until December, and then came back when Yoshida started making sweeping changes to XIV, I can tell you that the game was already markedly different since Yoshida took the helm. There were still problems that he couldn’t fix, but not because he didn’t want to fix them! He was unable to fix them, because the problems were so bad that it required him to tear the game apart to look at doing an extensive remodel.

Some companies would have cut their losses and try to save face. SE decided to admit they were wrong and tried to make amends. But then you might ask, “So? What does this have to do with my trying out XIV: ARR?” Because SE wants to try to make their customers happy. Will everyone be happy? Goodness no! Will FF players be happy? We hope so! There will be quite a number of previous FF elements in the game, and some have already taken place! How? Well, how about we start with the Red Moon from Final Fantasy IV:

Crystal Tower from III will make an appearance, Magitek from IV is already there, Golden Saucer from VII might appear, and did I forget to mention Materia? We won’t just be playing another numbered Final Fantasy game made into an MMO, but one that takes pieces from other titles and pays homage to them. Personally, I think this is cool if you are an FF fan and I’m looking forward to being able to muck around in a world with elements from those previous games. Now if Triple Triad or Tetra Master made an appearance in XIV? I would probably say goodbye to any other game and sell my soul to XIV.

3.) You just need one character to experience it all. This is my biggest problem with other MMOs: having to create alt characters in order to play as other classes. If I want to switch classes, I have to switch characters, and sometimes equipment I could use on another character is immediately bound to the other character and it’s a mess! You don’t have to deal with that in XIV. You have one character and it can do it all. Want to play as a Warrior? Go ahead! Change your weapon and you are done! But what if you are needed as a White Mage healer? Change your weapon! A Black Mage? Change your weapon! No need to go through the arduous task of having to level up three different characters and go through the same quests over and over again. Instead you can pick up a different quest hub, do leves, or exp raid dungeons to grind yourself up. And if you have friends, a Free Company, or a linkshell? You can probably build better relationships with them since you are ONE person they can keep track of versus your numerous personas.

There are other reasons I can think of: for the most part, the FF community is pretty good. There are questionable people on the forums, but overall I’d say that the FF community is pretty darn nice. A lot of us also really love our community management team, the devs, SOKEN, and especially Yoshida because they come off far more open and warm than before. The world is gorgeous. Other MMOs have wonderful looking worlds, but I have never felt quite as at home as I have in Eorzea. Possibly a bias, but I can’t help I like pretty things! The character models are also not weirdly “Americanized” for the audience. I had a huge problem with this in regards to Aion when faces were changed to better fit the Western market, which I thought made them appear uglier than they were. I’m also not very keen on the Western visual aesthetics, but this is rather minor and personal for each user.

And, yeah, I can go on, but I think I will stop here for now. ;3

After Show Reflections – SBXIV Ep 49

Note: At the time of writing this entry, the most current episode of SBXIV still has not yet been published. I haven’t re-listened to the episode, and am going mostly based off of memory and other such things.

When my boyfriend tweeted something about GBTV, I immediately knew what it was about. It’s hard not to be able to tell, since it is the same thing the forums are going on about and that we had just talked about on our most recent episode of SBXIV: the bloody quest/battle footage from Alpha. I am bolding those words, because let me stress that 1.) this is Alpha and 2.) its of very limited content. As far as I remember, battle in WoW hardly seemed as interesting during those early on levels. Tera? I was staring at my panty clad ass too much to actually remember. GW2? Ok, you might have me there. Maybe.

A lot of comments have been directed at how supposedly boring and bland the content is based upon five minute videos of the Alpha and that the game isn’t following the direction of one game or another such as Tera or Guild Wars 2. Of course, as far as I am concerned, Guild Wars 2 has a declining population and I don’t even know many friends who are currently subscribed to Tera vs. the amount of friends I know who have unsubscribed long ago. Does XIV REALLY want to completely follow their path?

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and TRY to think of them wanting to see XIV succeed. I know I want SquareEnix to succeed and most importantly for XIV to do well, but I know that some people are just so full of hate and vitriol and that they can’t see past their own blinders or what could be the bigger picture. XIV has already taken a lot of inspiration from these games, as can be gleaned off already published interviews, letters from the producer, and videos. There is also the fact that very solid reasoning has been given against mages being able to move during casting, and that was for balancing reasons in PvP. One can also argue that the game conventions in regards to PvP is most likely going to be based more upon Team vs. Team vs. one singular Player vs. Player. One looking for a more one-on-one action will most likely be utilizing a ‘duel’ sort of feature that may be implemented in the game at a future date.

A Team vs. Team setting is really nothing new; other MMOs have utilized this sort of game mechanic in their game as a form of PvP for a long time. The problem is that it appears Western gamers can’t seem to wrap their mind around the aspect of a TEAM battle in an MMO setting. For an Eastern audience, this is nothing new as their culture is based upon people working together in harmonious ways to reach goals. It is my belief that this is a reason why they tend to do better at games such as LoL and SC because they know how to work as a unit vs. trying to get their own personal glories. Such a theme is also very frequent in other FF titles, despite each series having its own main character(s). Without the unit as a whole, shit wouldn’t get done and the story as a whole wouldn’t progress. You could try, but it would be damn hard to do so, no?

But for a Western audience who think more of what can one do to elevate oneself vs. the group as a whole, I think this is a barrier of entry to think of how the mage can be utilized in a PvP setting with their disadvantages of being unable to move vs. being able to move.

Granted, we don’t know all the details. We don’t know how much damage the casters will be able to do on a whole vs their opponent, but with the inclusion of weapon skills it isn’t hard to imagine that it won’t be a significant amount of damage. Already the preview trailers have shown the BLM contributing to the all powerful Meteor within a group setting. Again, team work vs a single minded player is what I feel will help tide over a PvP match in XIV. Not just mindless team work of mashing buttons either, but more thoughtful actions that will most likely result in *gasp* communicating WITH your team to work WITH them versus against them to pull off well executed and deadly limit break attacks.

Do I think its impossible for the Western audience to do this? No, hardly! I know there are very capable groups out there who are able to keep the Japanese playerbase on its toes in XI in regards to its version of PvP, and I have no doubt that the same thing can and will be done again in XIV. My problem is the greater populace who can’t seem to wrap their head around other possibilities and seem stuck in their tunnel vision of what will make a great MMO. What fits for one, doesn’t always fit for all. Lets just hope those trying to shoehorn their way into XIV aren’t looking to ruin what already looks like a promising game at this point in time.