You are my favorite color!

At work today…

Student: I got these shoes at a new store!

Me: Cool! Can I go with you to the store to get new shoes, too?

Student: Yeah! We can get you shoes like mine!

Me: (I want to hug this kid SO bad) Well… can I have them in pink?

Student: Yeah! You can have them in pink! And, and… you are in my favorite color! You can have that too!

Me: (I’m smiling, but I’m going wtf? At this point he keeps saying I am his favorite color. I look at my arm and go, oh.) Oh, so pink and brown?

Student: YEAH! YOU are MY favorite color!

Seriously, my heart melted. The child continued on about what shoes he planned to buy me (with his mommy and grandma, of course), and how they will be “fast” and most definitely pink and his favorite color. 😉

Papasan the Confused MNK

[9:09:00 PM] Calaera: MNK is confused

[9:09:19 PM] reiokyu: In xiv, it has always been confused in 1.0. 😛

[9:10:14 PM] Calaera: I’m betting they will still be confused

[9:10:20 PM] Calaera: Be prepared to pull out the drag

[9:10:36 PM] reiokyu: You mean the china dresses they like to put them in?

[9:10:56 PM] Calaera: LOLOL

[9:11:43 PM] reiokyu: Yeah…

[9:12:36 PM] reiokyu: Anything is better than the strippers gear I wore on xi for the better part of 50 levels. 😛

[9:12:52 PM] reiokyu: Sandals, subligar, harness.

[9:17:56 PM] Calaera: papa has to make his money somehow to provide allowance

[9:20:17 PM] reiokyu: …I walked into that one.

[9:20:27 PM] Helen Ko: :9

[9:22:06 PM] Derrick/Orophen: Papa’s got a brand new bag

A Million Titties

Boyfriend: You owe me a million dollars

Me: I’ll give you a million titties

Boyfriend: You don’t have a million titties!

Me: <_<; .... 😀 I have a million little titties all over my body! Boyfriend: NO YOU DON'T! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT!?! Me: 😀 😀 😀