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Mistakes Aren’t Allowed. Ever.

When I am sick, I tend to find myself up at odd hours. Which is fine by me, because I tend to write and come up with a lot of ideas late at night/early in the morning. That, however, doesn’t work well when you have to get to work early in the morning and stay until late. But since I don’t have to worry about that now, I thought I’d take the time to update this long neglected blog of mine.

After glancing over a very long Reddit thread on their thoughts of FFXIV, I had been thinking about the envision of Yoshida and my favorite job(s). Knowing that the game was trying to cast a wide as a net as possible, Yoshida had intentionally created a system in which players needed to remember specific patterns in a fight in order to be able to win against a dance. Players are then trained to anticipate certain things to happen at certain stages of a fight. If you get to 91%, you know that Boss A will give you the middle finger in the form of something because she just found out that Stefan cheated on her with Latoya and Latoya was getting all the attention from not just Stefan but from Andre, too! So here comes Boss A, rearing her ugly head and she begins to perform the neck and finger pop before busting on your ass. You know it’s going to happen. Just like in a drama. It’s scripted and cliched, but you know that your asshole is clenching hard even though you are about to get reamed.

To an extent, I have no problem with it. There are some people who need this. Even I have grown to anticipate when certain things are going to happen depending on the battle tempo and boss’s current status. But…if you are either trying to learn the fight or happen to make a mistake for whatever reason? You can find yourself getting hit hard with strict penalties that often result in a wipe because there is no way to recover from a supposed tragedy. Which I believe to be a damn shame.

I know that often things get “easier” over time either via nerfs, changes to the system (such as the implementation of the Echo buff), or whatever, but… Why does it have to be that way? Why can’t the fight stay the way it is but merely include a way for people to recover so that small mistakes don’t end in such catastrophic ways such as everyone having to wipe. This all or nothing approach sometimes causes me a great amount of stress because of how stupid it is. Take BLM for example. Enochian is currently the key ingredient for a BLM to be able to dole out the amount of burst damage that they are capable of. Without Enochian you may as well be level 50 because your damage has now decreased by several thousands while everyone else is steamrolling ahead and probably wondering wtf you are doing. As far as I know, the other jobs don’t have as bad a time of things since DRG isn’t so much lolDRG but more whatarepositionalsDRG? Monks, from what I gather, have to worry about losing their Greased Lightning and working their damage up, but I don’t think they have to wait on timers the same way a BLM would have to on Enochian. Even Ninja has a way to permanently keep up their buff, and never have to really worry about it dropping.

Sure Enochian is easy to keep up in most normal situations, but then put yourself in a situation where maybe you pushed mechanics quickly or maybe when you were casting Blizzard 4 because you are at those final few seconds… Boom. You have to move. Or something else happens! You can’t always use Swift Cast, because even then that has a seemingly long recast.

Going back to mechanics, I still feel hella lost when having to dodge mechanics while also doling out damage. Example: Thordan’s Reign Meteor Phase. I’m sorry, but the bright lights everywhere pulsating above, around, and below me is just a bit much. Tack that on with the circles around others I have to be aware of, and I feel like I may as well have been hit over the head with a bat. I know the fights are doable. I know that I just need to do them more frequently. Practice does make perfect. But…it’s a just a bit much. Maybe I should change jobs, but Yoshida said that isn’t necessary. So I am left feeling like I need to hobble along in order to keep up, but if I die…that’s it. That is fucking it. I am dead weight after that. Because it’s often very hard to make a comeback and actually come out strong or as strong in the end. And it sucks.

Loosen the reins a little, Yoshida, will ya?