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The new XIV Commercial

I have only seen an iPhone capture of the recent XIV: ARR commercial, and I’m kinda… confused. If I were a new player, I wouldn’t get it. I would wonder if maybe it was cosplay magic or something, but an actual game? With a story? And lore? And all sorts of cool stuff? I just wouldn’t get that by watching that live action/CG clip.

I think for a hardcore XIV fan, they would get the reference and maybe appreciate it. I say maybe because while I was happy to see Louisoix, I just didn’t feel the same kind of excitement I felt when watching End of an Era. It didn’t do anything for me but make me giggle and then wonder what on earth was going on. Granted, I am not an art director, nor am I someone awesome and have skills to back it up. So I wouldn’t know how to make it better and maybe I don’t know what I am talking about. I just know that if I were to show this to my sister, who hasn’t played XIV at all, she would probably look at it and go, “wha?” versus “hmm, I think I might want to play this game!” Which I think is a shame, because after hearing of my sister’s recent experiences in GW2, I really want her to play XIV and to be around other players who would be willing to do a dungeon a second time for ONE person if crap happened.

Wishful thinking? Sure. But I was hoping that the new commercial could at least help illustrate why the game is cool in the eyes of my younger sister (she is used to just tuning me out otherwise). Watching players morph into another character just doesn’t quite do it…