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Onto the Heavens We Turn

Oh, wow. I had actually forgotten about my blog for quite some time, and had only thought of it while flipping through apps on my iPad and stumbled upon Word Press. If it weren’t for the scheduled World Maintenance on X|V, I would be playing that versus trying something to bide my time while I wait for sleep to overtake me. That said, I guess its time to do a bit of catching up. 

What has happened since last time? … Well, a lot. GameOver, my Free Company on Excalibur, has been growing slowly but steadily with friends and friends of friends or family members joining the fray. There has even been talk of doing another meetup outside of Fan Fest, so that we could all hang out together again. Needless to say, food is an important part of the equation and we’re hoping to pick a location with access to many good eats. Like Vegas, but hopefully cheaper and cooler than the former. 

SBXIV has also changed, and some of the stuff that has been going on has been a lot of fun since we’ve been including FC members every so often. Or, rather, they hunt us down and a lot of fun ensues because we’re silly. As they say, “the more, the merrier!” and that definitely holds true for our random shenanigans. 

As of right now X|V’s first expansion, Heavenward, is now life. When I think of where the game started in 2010 and where it is at in 2015, it seems really surreal and trippy. Who would have thought that four and a half years later, we would be playing its first expansion after what was a tumultus start back in September of 2010. And with its five year birthday coming soon, it seems even stranger that I’ve been with this game since the beginning. Not that I think myself better for it; it just seems so strange to think of where this game was and where it is now. The two are nothing alike but some aspects of Heavensward does make me take pause and look around in wide eyed wonder as memories of long ago come flooding my senses. It is truly remarkable, especially when many years ago it seemed as though X|V would never even make it onto the PS3. Now I’m playing on the PS4 and while in bed, and that just seems so utterly amazing. 

Then again, I tend to be more easily amazed than most. As-is the case when it comes to doing the main story line. It has been a long time since I have thoroughly enjoyed traversing every single corner of the map, doing side quests, learning the lore, speaking to random NPCs, and trying to weave my way deeper into the main story line. The music itself has been a huge boon to this, too. Many areas and triggered music sequences (such as the battle theme), is remeniscent of older SquareEnix games in its tune or the instruments used. I am not knowledgable in the study of music, but I find that Soken’s work has me lost in exploration or battle just so I can hear the music a little longer. Every note and melody ingrained in my subconscious that I find myself smiling and relaxing at the mere thought of it. Then to take me back to the days of my youth when I would spend errant summer days playing the likes of Final Fantasy VIII or Kingdom Hearts.

The fact that so many elements of the expansion has picked up pieces here and there from past games isn’t lost on me nor the allure it has in me considering purchase of the games on PSN on my Vita or PS3. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact I had just had surgery, I wouldn’t be writing this entry right now and would have my nose deep in the likes of FFVIII, FFIV, or even KH. Alas, being an adult means responsibilities and ones that aren’t as fun as what I would rather be spending my time and money on. 

Regardless, Heavensward has me excited. I feel alive and excited in a way I haven’t felt in a very long time. The nostalgia and awe of what it has presented is so amazing, that waiting for the servers to come back from maintenance seems like it can’t come soon enough.