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My Juice Experiments

Awhile ago I mentioned that I was going trying to make my own juice, and that I was mostly experimenting with fruit juices. My main focus regarding fruit, was to have an easier way of increasing my intake of fruits that was to help with my asthma and allergies. The result? Though very unscientific, I do believe that it has helped tremendously with decreasing my phlegm production and helping ease allergy symptoms that have been on the rise these past few months.

I know that it is better to juice vegetables over fruit juice, but I can’t seem to get over drinking vegetables. I have tried but the smell nor the idea of drinking juiced veggies doesn’t sit well with me. Instead I have been trying to create a blend that would suit my tastes that includes: spinach, kale, carrots, apple, and celery. I usually make this batch after the fruit drink, hoping that a bit of the flavor left behind from the fruit drink will have mixed in a little with the vegetable/fruit drink. I kind of “guess” what would taste good, so the amounts I use vary from batch to batch. This is what I have found:

– Spinach and kale really bring out the “green” color of the juice

– Using a lot of kale, and not a lot of spinach or carrot seems to make the juice bitter. I didn’t try it, but that was the report I received last night. I may not have used enough apple either…

– The Jack LaLanne juicer is great for fruit, but I’m questioning its efficiency for vegetables. I have done quite a bit of research, and it seems I would need two separate juicers for fruit and vegetables to get the best out of either!

– The Jack LaLanne juicer is a pain in the fucking ass to clean

– Alternating the ingredients helps with making sure you are getting some juices that can sometimes get “stuck” in the machine. This is especially true with vegetable blends. Spinach and celery like to get stuck in the mystical space!

I will probably start with a carrot and apple juice blend soon and work my way up to at least one green juice every other day. That is if I can at least get over the damn taste and smell. Lemons, maybe?