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End of 2012 Review

The end of the year is near, and I thought I would get a head start on this before I forget (as I am apt to do). Here are my previous year end review entries from my other blog:




2008 (dunno what happened!)


When I review the previous entries, I often mention that usually the year sucked. This year? In all honesty, its been great despite the fact I got into arguments with friends, lost friends and acquaintances, I found my dad has a very aggressive form of kidney cancer, had his kidney removed, and a slew of other things. However, I also: reestablished friendships, aced Chemistry courses, helped try to make Sequence Break XIV a better podcast, made new friends, was able to go to PAX again despite tickets being sold out very quickly, and found I can still appear younger than I look despite how old I feel! Hooray!

This has mostly been a year of Final Fantasy XIV for me. Thursday and Friday, for a large portion of the year, were days I looked forward to because it either meant: podcast recording or gaming night with GameOver. My LS (which is mostly used as a means of communication between my set), has lost and gained members but the core of the group still remains and we’re still looking forward to playing ARR together. I’m actually happy playing with these guys, because then you realize you aren’t the only crazy one. Group of crazy people = awesome and fun. Looking forward to another year and (hopefully) an increase in allowance!

PAX was fucking INSANE this year. The first day was a damn mad house, and my sister was so upset she almost left on Friday evening. I ended up getting her to stay and she had a better time on Saturday and Sunday thanks to a smaller crowd and the boys making sure she wasn’t by herself and getting pushed around. Reiokyu otou-sama, my brother, and my boyfriend were also there this year. It was sort of like our old XI days sans Mekare and Hiro. I was picked on at every place we ate at, but all in all it was actually a lot of fun. I ended up purchasing a 3DS XL later in the year because of PAX, because once you go big you can’t go back! I also bought a Vita after playing with a few of them, and found myself being cautiously wary of the Wii U even after having had fun with the system on the floor. ^^; Lets just say I had to skirt away from their floor because of the ZombiU seemingly taking center stage next to the Mickey game.

Other games?

Tera and Guild Wars 2 were kind eh. I liked what they offered in the beginning, but they have pretty polish at the start that leads to emptiness as you continue on. Nice flash and no depth are not what good games make. Diablo 3 was the same way, and I can’t get myself to finish Skyrim because I have severe issues with undead. Which is strange given the previous title, but I actually finished D3 by having problems primarily on the first stage and a little bit later on. Yeah, go fig.

At the moment, I’m in portable gaming overload. I ended up owning a plethora of games on iOS and buying a 3DS XL before being gifted with a PS Vita. I’m currently making my way through: Paper Mario Sticker Star, Ragnarok Odyssey, and Persona 3. Don’t ask how or why, but hopefully I will be able to finish them before ARR is released…

My hopes for 2013 are actually small and almost childish: I want to continue gaming with my set. I do consider them to be my friends now, and I cherish them a lot more than some IRL relationships I have. Its hard being yourself around others when they judge you for liking certain things, but for the most part… most of us like the same things or can overlook certain things because the person overall is really cool. This is how I feel about the friendships I made in GameOver, and why its the one thing I hope continues in 2013 no matter what game we play. Now if only we can move more of them onto the West Coast~

Handheld Gaming Fest

Since the week of Thanksigivng of this year, I have acquired a PS Vita and a 3DS XL. I had previously owned a LE Zelda 3DS, but had wanted an XL after testing one at PAX Prime and finding my eyes just aren’t well suited for such a tiny screen over long periods of time. It has been a bane having new toys close to finals week, but has also helped in coping with heavy personal issues as well as when I am confined to bed rest.

Here are just a few games I have been playing since then:

Style Saavy (3DS)
Don’t look at me funny because I REALLY like this game. I usually shy away from girly things, and I know it plays along very awful stereotypes I’ve hated since I was a kid. However, the fact that its anime/Japanese based has a lot to do with why I have chosen to play the game (I rarely play games bundled with systems I buy). You play as a female protagonist who is asked to help out at a store and eventually works her way up through the fashion food chain. Your customers often ask for themed clothes that typically corresponds to what your store looks like and what is sold from your window. Themes range from girlie, pop, luxury, edgy, bold, etc. You can also go to other stores for hair, makeup, to get your picture done, and furniture for your home.

A very fun game that is a lot like dress up, but with more clothing styles to choose from than you can imagine!

Persona 3 Portable (PSP/Vita)
To be honest, I have never played the Persona series on my own. I have watched my brother play it, I have read about it, and watched videos, but my brother would never let me touch his game so I couldn’t play it until now. ^^; I am not very far into the game since I restarted it, but it has made me remember why I really like JRPGS and that is mostly due to visual appeal and its quirky-ness. The dungeon crawling + dating sim like progression is fun and keeps me engaged in doing things other than crawling dungeons all day long. Looking forward to playing more of it during my winter break!

Paper Mario Sticker Star (3DS)
I am a HUGE fan of Paper Mario as it reminds me of Super Mario RPG, which is another Mario title that I enjoy. I haven’t gotten far, but it is a game where I have turned on the 3D slider up a bit when I can tolerate it. I usually have the 3D slider off for most games, but this is a title where I find that the 3D functionality has been utilized rather nicely despite how 2D it appears. I look forward to playing this more often when time and battery life allows!

Hatsuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (PSP/Vita)
I remember seeing this in GameStop when it was released and was tempted to buy it then, but refrained because I wasn’t sure about the game. I knew it was a visual novel and that it is an otome game (a female protagonist looking to develop a romantic relationship with a guy and sometimes a girl), but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play it. On a whim I decided to get it, and have been having fun learning pseudo Japanese history (I end up wiki-ing certain things later on) and trying to win over various guys.

I am not particularly new to dating sims, as I typically play the male protagonist and have fun winning over the female or just using them for sexual purposes (my sister says I’d make an awful guy…). An otome game, however, is kind of… challenging. As a girl, I know what a girl would like and am often amused when they play on stereotypical answers. But now that I am trying to win over a guy, I realize that the dynamics are different. Its actually very strange and puzzling to me, and I was very disappointed when I found myself not winning over the guy I originally wanted! ;o;

The game itself has an interesting take on the Shinsengumi that has made me feel more sympathetic to them than I have in the past.
It is a strange setting for a romance story, because of the known fate of the Shinsengumi but maybe that’s why it was chosen? Yay bitter sweet romance!

The game is strictly a visual novel, so be warned of this. There is another “Hatsuoki” title that has fighting elements within it, but I am not familiar with its exact game title. I know for sure I’ll be seeking out the anime once it is released in NA. *insert school girl squealing here*

The FFXIV down time probably came at the best time. To be able to play these games has been a blessing, and has rejuvenated my interest on my handheld systems. Looking forward to giving them more loving in the coming weeks!