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Changes Being Made

Although this isn’t site news for Calaera.me, per se, it is for SBXIV. I’m honestly tired. I am tired and worn out by the comments I read once in awhile regarding the cursing on the show. Because apparently, despite more XIV shows coming out, people MUST make comments about SBXIV and the amount of cursing going on. Which, I might add, is ridiculous considering it is:

1.) Marked Explicit or NSFW on iTunes and on the site.
2.) There are more XIV shows than there were months ago. Honestly its not that hard to click stop/pause and find something else more suitable to someone’s ears. It seems ridiculous to go complaining about it, when there are other options for people to choose from. That is also why there are different shows out there for people to watch. I am not the biggest fan of certain TV shows, but I won’t complain about the fact that a particular show doesn’t suit my tastes. That just seems pretty stupid.

There were several choices I was going to make…

The most drastic was to step back. Way back. Thank Frei for pointing out that there are people who surprisingly like me and what I do. But if I was considered to be a problem, it seemed reasonable for me to take myself out of the equation. But taking myself out of the equation then changes the entire tone of the show, and that was what concerned Frei and Orophen. Instead we agreed that we would either make a conscious effort to cull back the swearing or make edits to take it out. Honestly, I am pretty peeved about it. The shows were meant for friends to chill and talk about XIV in a way that was more entertaining than the boring straight talk some podcasts do. I get people like so called “professional” shows, and hey… that’s great. I don’t. I dislike em for many reasons, but I won’t berate someone for liking something I hate nor will I complain to those shows that they aren’t being what I want them to be. That’s why I went and made my own. Makes sense, right? If you want something done right, do it yourself!

But… the show is undoubtedly getting attention because of reddit, google, iTunes, or whatever. So I decided to we would soon begin to take down all of the old episodes and archive them somewhere. Which, honestly, is about time we do so anyway because the game is going to be new and different. It doesn’t make sense to have the old content up for people to easily grab and get a hold of. Though I know it really won’t do much in the long run, because people already have a set opinion of us. Which, honestly, suits me just fine. If they like something else, good for them. I won’t cry over it, because this isn’t a competition for me. I am just peeved (mostly at myself, because I get curious) when I read comments complaining about something like the swearing or the shit I say because it makes them “uncomfortable”. Don’t like it? Fine. Quietly back off and go find something else or make something suitable for your tastes and listen to it! But… whatever. I’m tired. I’m tired and frustrated and I really just want to yell and scream at people to shut the fuck up and back off. If it starts to become more work than play for me, I still stand by word of dropping everything. No regrets if it came to that, because it would be way better than building up resentment and anger over something that is supposed to be a fun project for those involved or want to participate and listen.

End of 2012 Review

The end of the year is near, and I thought I would get a head start on this before I forget (as I am apt to do). Here are my previous year end review entries from my other blog:




2008 (dunno what happened!)


When I review the previous entries, I often mention that usually the year sucked. This year? In all honesty, its been great despite the fact I got into arguments with friends, lost friends and acquaintances, I found my dad has a very aggressive form of kidney cancer, had his kidney removed, and a slew of other things. However, I also: reestablished friendships, aced Chemistry courses, helped try to make Sequence Break XIV a better podcast, made new friends, was able to go to PAX again despite tickets being sold out very quickly, and found I can still appear younger than I look despite how old I feel! Hooray!

This has mostly been a year of Final Fantasy XIV for me. Thursday and Friday, for a large portion of the year, were days I looked forward to because it either meant: podcast recording or gaming night with GameOver. My LS (which is mostly used as a means of communication between my set), has lost and gained members but the core of the group still remains and we’re still looking forward to playing ARR together. I’m actually happy playing with these guys, because then you realize you aren’t the only crazy one. Group of crazy people = awesome and fun. Looking forward to another year and (hopefully) an increase in allowance!

PAX was fucking INSANE this year. The first day was a damn mad house, and my sister was so upset she almost left on Friday evening. I ended up getting her to stay and she had a better time on Saturday and Sunday thanks to a smaller crowd and the boys making sure she wasn’t by herself and getting pushed around. Reiokyu otou-sama, my brother, and my boyfriend were also there this year. It was sort of like our old XI days sans Mekare and Hiro. I was picked on at every place we ate at, but all in all it was actually a lot of fun. I ended up purchasing a 3DS XL later in the year because of PAX, because once you go big you can’t go back! I also bought a Vita after playing with a few of them, and found myself being cautiously wary of the Wii U even after having had fun with the system on the floor. ^^; Lets just say I had to skirt away from their floor because of the ZombiU seemingly taking center stage next to the Mickey game.

Other games?

Tera and Guild Wars 2 were kind eh. I liked what they offered in the beginning, but they have pretty polish at the start that leads to emptiness as you continue on. Nice flash and no depth are not what good games make. Diablo 3 was the same way, and I can’t get myself to finish Skyrim because I have severe issues with undead. Which is strange given the previous title, but I actually finished D3 by having problems primarily on the first stage and a little bit later on. Yeah, go fig.

At the moment, I’m in portable gaming overload. I ended up owning a plethora of games on iOS and buying a 3DS XL before being gifted with a PS Vita. I’m currently making my way through: Paper Mario Sticker Star, Ragnarok Odyssey, and Persona 3. Don’t ask how or why, but hopefully I will be able to finish them before ARR is released…

My hopes for 2013 are actually small and almost childish: I want to continue gaming with my set. I do consider them to be my friends now, and I cherish them a lot more than some IRL relationships I have. Its hard being yourself around others when they judge you for liking certain things, but for the most part… most of us like the same things or can overlook certain things because the person overall is really cool. This is how I feel about the friendships I made in GameOver, and why its the one thing I hope continues in 2013 no matter what game we play. Now if only we can move more of them onto the West Coast~

After Show Reflections – SBXIV Ep 49

Note: At the time of writing this entry, the most current episode of SBXIV still has not yet been published. I haven’t re-listened to the episode, and am going mostly based off of memory and other such things.

When my boyfriend tweeted something about GBTV, I immediately knew what it was about. It’s hard not to be able to tell, since it is the same thing the forums are going on about and that we had just talked about on our most recent episode of SBXIV: the bloody quest/battle footage from Alpha. I am bolding those words, because let me stress that 1.) this is Alpha and 2.) its of very limited content. As far as I remember, battle in WoW hardly seemed as interesting during those early on levels. Tera? I was staring at my panty clad ass too much to actually remember. GW2? Ok, you might have me there. Maybe.

A lot of comments have been directed at how supposedly boring and bland the content is based upon five minute videos of the Alpha and that the game isn’t following the direction of one game or another such as Tera or Guild Wars 2. Of course, as far as I am concerned, Guild Wars 2 has a declining population and I don’t even know many friends who are currently subscribed to Tera vs. the amount of friends I know who have unsubscribed long ago. Does XIV REALLY want to completely follow their path?

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and TRY to think of them wanting to see XIV succeed. I know I want SquareEnix to succeed and most importantly for XIV to do well, but I know that some people are just so full of hate and vitriol and that they can’t see past their own blinders or what could be the bigger picture. XIV has already taken a lot of inspiration from these games, as can be gleaned off already published interviews, letters from the producer, and videos. There is also the fact that very solid reasoning has been given against mages being able to move during casting, and that was for balancing reasons in PvP. One can also argue that the game conventions in regards to PvP is most likely going to be based more upon Team vs. Team vs. one singular Player vs. Player. One looking for a more one-on-one action will most likely be utilizing a ‘duel’ sort of feature that may be implemented in the game at a future date.

A Team vs. Team setting is really nothing new; other MMOs have utilized this sort of game mechanic in their game as a form of PvP for a long time. The problem is that it appears Western gamers can’t seem to wrap their mind around the aspect of a TEAM battle in an MMO setting. For an Eastern audience, this is nothing new as their culture is based upon people working together in harmonious ways to reach goals. It is my belief that this is a reason why they tend to do better at games such as LoL and SC because they know how to work as a unit vs. trying to get their own personal glories. Such a theme is also very frequent in other FF titles, despite each series having its own main character(s). Without the unit as a whole, shit wouldn’t get done and the story as a whole wouldn’t progress. You could try, but it would be damn hard to do so, no?

But for a Western audience who think more of what can one do to elevate oneself vs. the group as a whole, I think this is a barrier of entry to think of how the mage can be utilized in a PvP setting with their disadvantages of being unable to move vs. being able to move.

Granted, we don’t know all the details. We don’t know how much damage the casters will be able to do on a whole vs their opponent, but with the inclusion of weapon skills it isn’t hard to imagine that it won’t be a significant amount of damage. Already the preview trailers have shown the BLM contributing to the all powerful Meteor within a group setting. Again, team work vs a single minded player is what I feel will help tide over a PvP match in XIV. Not just mindless team work of mashing buttons either, but more thoughtful actions that will most likely result in *gasp* communicating WITH your team to work WITH them versus against them to pull off well executed and deadly limit break attacks.

Do I think its impossible for the Western audience to do this? No, hardly! I know there are very capable groups out there who are able to keep the Japanese playerbase on its toes in XI in regards to its version of PvP, and I have no doubt that the same thing can and will be done again in XIV. My problem is the greater populace who can’t seem to wrap their head around other possibilities and seem stuck in their tunnel vision of what will make a great MMO. What fits for one, doesn’t always fit for all. Lets just hope those trying to shoehorn their way into XIV aren’t looking to ruin what already looks like a promising game at this point in time.