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Mii and My Life in Tomodachi Life

For as long as I remember, I have had some odd fascination with simulated life games. I guess it is the part of me that enjoys playing the hand of God, I suppose. To see who is living in the small world you have created, to see what choices they have made, change those choices, or even snuff them out completely if you so wish. Dislike someone? Trap them, starve them, burn them to death, or just erase them completely. It is the perfect world scenario that makes me giddy with glee and manic laughter of a person who should probably not be left in the position of power for fear of out right abusing that power.

So bring in Tomodachi Life for the 3DS. A step up from Animal Crossing in terms of allowing people to marry each other and having direct control as to who is allowed to live and be evicted off of my island, but hardly anything like my beloved Sims games from EA. Which is fine. It is quite easy going and playable in short bursts of time, allowing me to check in and look after my Mii’s neighbors and friends when I have the time. During set intervals of time throughout the day there are certain triggered events that go on such as Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Market, an arcade style game, Frisbee tossing, donation runs, and even a rap battle. Miis can even fall in love, get married, and have babies with each other.

Probably what I find more fun about the game is the drama that can ensue; a major draw that brings me to simulated life games. In the Sims 3 I have been known to do douche bag things to the women in my game such as having my male sim impregnate just about every single woman in the city, dump them when they have become pregnant, or even sending their children and significant other out about town to be occupied while I take another person into their home for an affair. Once I had my sim’s daughter see the whole woo-hoo scene and had to work at repairing the relationship up until they became an adult. Granted there is nothing as crazy in Tomodachi Life, but I’ve had Miis I have added from QR codes cause fights with many people on the island, people interrupt confessions, up to three people confess to the same person at the same time, make threats to people on the rooftop, and become engrossed in me wanting to look into their stomach or head because I obviously had not fed them and they wanted me to know the extent of the damage I had done onto their digital self.

I had considered writing a journal entry for each day in my Tomodachi Life, but that seemed quite exhausting no matter how good the intention. I think working on getting myself to write daily is the first step I need to overcome first and foremost…