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Changes Being Made

Although this isn’t site news for Calaera.me, per se, it is for SBXIV. I’m honestly tired. I am tired and worn out by the comments I read once in awhile regarding the cursing on the show. Because apparently, despite more XIV shows coming out, people MUST make comments about SBXIV and the amount of cursing going on. Which, I might add, is ridiculous considering it is:

1.) Marked Explicit or NSFW on iTunes and on the site.
2.) There are more XIV shows than there were months ago. Honestly its not that hard to click stop/pause and find something else more suitable to someone’s ears. It seems ridiculous to go complaining about it, when there are other options for people to choose from. That is also why there are different shows out there for people to watch. I am not the biggest fan of certain TV shows, but I won’t complain about the fact that a particular show doesn’t suit my tastes. That just seems pretty stupid.

There were several choices I was going to make…

The most drastic was to step back. Way back. Thank Frei for pointing out that there are people who surprisingly like me and what I do. But if I was considered to be a problem, it seemed reasonable for me to take myself out of the equation. But taking myself out of the equation then changes the entire tone of the show, and that was what concerned Frei and Orophen. Instead we agreed that we would either make a conscious effort to cull back the swearing or make edits to take it out. Honestly, I am pretty peeved about it. The shows were meant for friends to chill and talk about XIV in a way that was more entertaining than the boring straight talk some podcasts do. I get people like so called “professional” shows, and hey… that’s great. I don’t. I dislike em for many reasons, but I won’t berate someone for liking something I hate nor will I complain to those shows that they aren’t being what I want them to be. That’s why I went and made my own. Makes sense, right? If you want something done right, do it yourself!

But… the show is undoubtedly getting attention because of reddit, google, iTunes, or whatever. So I decided to we would soon begin to take down all of the old episodes and archive them somewhere. Which, honestly, is about time we do so anyway because the game is going to be new and different. It doesn’t make sense to have the old content up for people to easily grab and get a hold of. Though I know it really won’t do much in the long run, because people already have a set opinion of us. Which, honestly, suits me just fine. If they like something else, good for them. I won’t cry over it, because this isn’t a competition for me. I am just peeved (mostly at myself, because I get curious) when I read comments complaining about something like the swearing or the shit I say because it makes them “uncomfortable”. Don’t like it? Fine. Quietly back off and go find something else or make something suitable for your tastes and listen to it! But… whatever. I’m tired. I’m tired and frustrated and I really just want to yell and scream at people to shut the fuck up and back off. If it starts to become more work than play for me, I still stand by word of dropping everything. No regrets if it came to that, because it would be way better than building up resentment and anger over something that is supposed to be a fun project for those involved or want to participate and listen.

Papasan the Confused MNK

[9:09:00 PM] Calaera: MNK is confused

[9:09:19 PM] reiokyu: In xiv, it has always been confused in 1.0. 😛

[9:10:14 PM] Calaera: I’m betting they will still be confused

[9:10:20 PM] Calaera: Be prepared to pull out the drag

[9:10:36 PM] reiokyu: You mean the china dresses they like to put them in?

[9:10:56 PM] Calaera: LOLOL

[9:11:43 PM] reiokyu: Yeah…

[9:12:36 PM] reiokyu: Anything is better than the strippers gear I wore on xi for the better part of 50 levels. 😛

[9:12:52 PM] reiokyu: Sandals, subligar, harness.

[9:17:56 PM] Calaera: papa has to make his money somehow to provide allowance

[9:20:17 PM] reiokyu: …I walked into that one.

[9:20:27 PM] Helen Ko: :9

[9:22:06 PM] Derrick/Orophen: Papa’s got a brand new bag

A Million Titties

Boyfriend: You owe me a million dollars

Me: I’ll give you a million titties

Boyfriend: You don’t have a million titties!

Me: <_<; .... 😀 I have a million little titties all over my body! Boyfriend: NO YOU DON'T! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT!?! Me: 😀 😀 😀