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Adventures in Eorzea #001

Because I have been having an insanely difficult time trying to keep this updated and also trying to figure out where I want to host this damn thing, I am trying a new format with the blog… again. Let’s see how long THIS one lasts! I’m hoping to go weekly, and set my fraps to take a kabillion photos at once so that I don’t have to go to bed at night and go “Fuck! I forgot to take screenshots!” until I fall asleep.


Now, last year the servers were taken down before we could do the Heavensturn for 2013, which was a shame because I was really interested to see what the Snake helm would look like. Fast forward to today and I’m cursing the fact that it is year of the Horse. Nevermind the fact that its the year for my brother (who drives me absolutely batty), but that the Uma Kabuto looks scary as fuck. Its a fucking horse that makes you have a mustache no matter if you are a boy or girl. I dislike snakes after Orophen would keep saying stupid shit like “I’m a snake!”, but him doing that has nothing on the fact that those horse helms look scary as fuck. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a troll to the highest power. You know who you are!


More importantly, we (my FC, GameOver) finally tried out Coil together as a group. Some already have varying degrees of experience but I think half of us did not. It was quite nice to play with them and to include someone from our LS (Milli from DerpSquad) since Rislim forgot we were running and couldn’t join us again. It is one of the things I am starting to dislike about Coil, because I do not mind if she progresses ahead after us at all but she can’t go back and it sucks. So we either play earlier in the week (impossible due to schedules) or we wait until later when it might screw with others later. Meh. But despite this inconvenience, it was really nice to actually experience Coil for myself versus hearing everyone else do it and not really wanting to spoil myself too much by watching other people play the area.

We managed to get ADS down despite Ky’rahn’s connection issues, and was tromping toward Caduceus when the server kicked us out. At first I thought it was just me but then the quick realization that it was everyone else in the party just quickly sank in and set me panicking a little since I know others had wanted to do other things. More importantly, time zones needed to be worried about since we’re split East Coasters and West Coasters. Oh, and a smattering of people in-between. We managed to get at least three attempts at Caduceus before Milli had to leave, but we found that it was doable… if we had our healers on better connections, the server not fucking up, and a clearer understanding of how troublesome things would be for Orophen when he has to make long pulls. Well, live and learn, right?

I’m honestly excited to push forward though and I hope we can get further despite our limited play time together. Here’s hoping, right? In the meantime, busily working on leveling my gathering classes to 50, looking forward to Garuda Extreme Mode, and am scowling at the idea of my playtime being significantly cut again when school starts next week. Meh. MEH!